The Top End Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2019 Season

A vast range of end-loaded slowpitch softball bats are available in the market today. This makes it hard to pin down the best end loaded slowpitch softball bats. Typically, end loaded softball bats come with some extra mass added towards the barrel.

In contrast to balanced bats, these end loaded bats are slightly heavier and balanced towards the tip of the barrel. They are perfectly suited to such players who are power hitters. With the additional mass towards the barrel-end, players are able to swing such bats with more speed and a lot more momentum which translated into hits going into greater distance.

To make it easier for you to select the end-loaded slowpitch softball bat that suits your needs perfectly, we have shortlisted some of the best models below. With their pros and cons, you will be able to judge precisely which bat is perfect for you.

Quick reviews of top end loaded slowpitch softball bats

1. Louisville Slugger Super Z

The Louisville Slugger Super Z comes with an end-loaded barrel which is perfect for some heavy hitting. This bat has a 2-piece composite design, made entirely from composite material. The stiff construction of the bat makes it possible for you to channel the maximum amount of your swing momentum and force into the barrel, thereby hitting the softball far into the distance.

The bat carries a fairly large sweet spot and is ready for power usage right out of the wraps. Carrying a 12-inch long solid barrel and a 7/8” tapered handle, the bat is ideal for players who want to have a powerful bat in their hands. Louisville has used its Extra Stiff iST technology in the construction of this bat which makes it a formidable hitter on the plate. The bat is available in 34” length with corresponding weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces and 28 ounces.

2. Easton Raw Power Scott Kirby

The Easton Raw Power bat has an end-loaded design and comes with a barrel that has been constructed from advanced composite material. The use of special composite material has enabled Easton to extend the sweet spot of this bat significantly, giving you the ease of hitting confidently with this bat.

This powerful barrel is combined with a stiff handle which has a slim 29/32” profile and is easy to grasp thanks to the ultra-thin gauze grip that Easton has included on it. The barrel of this Raw Power bat is 12 inches long and carries a slightly extra mass towards the barrel-end.

This makes it possible for you to rely on the clean and accurate swing of the bat during hitting and to channel most of your hitting force into the large barrel. This bat is available in34” length with corresponding weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces and 28 ounces.

3. Worth Hall 220 Jeff Hall Reload USSSA SBJH2U

The Worth Hall 220 Jeff Hall is a power performing bat. The bat comes decorated with some unique graphics and features a carefully constructed barrel with 0.5 ounces of extra load at the barrel end. This enables a player to wield this bat with extra force and hit the softball into longer distances.

Worth Hall has constructed this bat entirely from composite material and used its Tri-Seamless Technology in the construction. This has enabled the company to make the barrel a solid piece and to significantly extend the sweet spot.

The overall construction of the bat has been done in a single-piece design which further enables a player to hit the softball with greater force and make maximum use of the whipping effect of the barrel. The bat is available in 34” inches length with corresponding end-loaded weight options of 26.5 ounces, 27.5 ounces and 28.5 ounces.

4. Easton Salvo

The Easton Salvo composite-end softball bat is one of the best end-loaded bats of the year. Easton has used its IMX Advanced Composite material in the construction of this bat which has made it possible for this bat to carry a significantly long 12-inch barrel.

The bat has a single-piece construction overall which allows for players to make great use of the barrel’s trampoline effect when heavy-hitting on the plate. This barrel is complemented with a well-designed 29/32 handle that has a gauze grip to go.

With such a slim handle and the solid grip on it, you can rest assured of the solid grasp of the bat when you are swinging it during a game. Another great thing about the bat is that it needs no break-in period and is hot right out of the wraps.

The bat is approved for all major softball leagues and is available in 34” length with corresponding weight options of 26 ounces, 27 ounces and 28 ounces.

5. Demarini VX2

The Demarini VX2 bat is a solid option for end-loaded slowpitch softball bats. Unlike the composite bats mentioned above, this bat has an alloy construction which has its pros and cons. A major advantage of having an end-loaded composite bat is that when power-hitting with this bat, you can be at peace that the bat will incur little to no damage.

This is because composite-made bats are highly durable through rough and tough usage. VX2 has a 34” length from the base to the barrel and carries an end-loaded 2 1/4” barrel.

The handle on this bat is one of the stiffest on any softball bat and is made from alloy material, making it possible for you to channel your swing momentum directly into the barrel, translating into powerful hits. The bat is available in 34” length.

6. Derby Boy G3

The Derby Boy G3 bat is one of the best end-loaded slowpitch softball bats. Carrying a 36” length and 26 ounces weight, the bat is made from composite material and Combat has utilized its special construction technologies to give it a flawless and powerful barrel.

The bat carries a one-piece construction and a barrel with a sizable sweet spot which makes it possible for you to confidently hit the softball all over the field. The Ultra-premium lizard skin further accentuates the performance of this bat, making it possible for you to hold it in a solid grasp when power-hitting.

It can a tough job to choose from such a stellar list of best end loaded slowpitch softball bats. Once you have pinned down a model which you think suits you well, it may do you good to physically check it out at one of the outlets before making the purchase. That way, you will be able to get a feel of the bat before purchasing it.

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