The 6 Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats 2019

It is no surprise that some of the best USSSA slowpitch softball bats come from the top brands of sports equipment manufacturers. Every player needs a bat that will conform to the rigid standards set by the USSSA yet deliver maximum results for your body dimensions and strength.

Reviews of The Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats 2019

Our team set about testing various slowpitch bats to find out which ones performed the best and are legal for use in USSSA leagues.

1. Miken Freak Patriot

This beautiful piece is aptly named “Freak” as the results are simply out of this world. The bat has a large sweet spot with an awesome balanced feel that makes it just right when you step up to the plate.

What the S3R technology does is to add very tiny bumps to the barrel’s hitting surface, which increases the sweet spot. This also increases the bat’s ability to give the ball a longer carry and more distance.

The bat is made from the same material NASA uses for its space craft. The premium aerospace grade fiber material is highly durable, can withstand great forces, and is light to carry.

The Triple Matrix Core technology works on the aerospace material which makes it expandable by about 5% and eliminates joint seams. This smoother effect increases your bat’s durability and its high performance.

The bat is a two-piece composite. The bat’s handle boasts of the F2P Flex 2 power technology which enhances handle flex to barrel loading, giving more power to your swings and higher power upon impact within the sweet spot.

Like most Miken softball bats, the Freak Patriot is 100% made in the USA. It is fully certified for use in USSSA leagues, so you better be armed with it when hitting in your next game.

2. Louisville Slugger Z4

Our number two contender comes from one of the most prolific and popular bat makers in the market. The Louisville Slugger Z4 is perfectly balanced with a TRU3 construction, making it the best 3-piece bat we have come across.

This piece has the perfect combination of balance, weight, power, and speed. Its Pure 360 composite design makes for a more controlled swing, and a strong durable bat.

The balanced is greatly aided by the tapered 7/8-inch stiff handle with a fantastic synthetic grip. You will react faster and with more confidence to the pitch as the handle is comfortable and the balance goes with the flow of your natural swing.

Adding to your comfort is the 12-inch barrel that protects your hands and arms from the aftershocks and vibration experienced upon ball impact. The barrel offers a greatly optimized sweet spot making it easier to hit and driving the ball further upon hitting.

This bat needs no breaking in as it comes hot off the wrapper.

3. Miken IZZY Psycho

If you want to hit some great line drives to all sides of the diamond and from both sides of the plate, then Miken’s IZZY Psycho Supermax is your ideal companion. This is the exact bat that Jeremy Eisenhower has been using this season and once you test it you will never want to let go.

The IZZY Psycho Supermax is a one piece with an awesome balance for its one-ounce super max end load. This design gives maximum power to each hit.

The 14” barrel with a 2 ¼ -inch diameter has a large sweet spot taking great advantage of the one-piece design. The bat is made of premium grade aerospace carbon fused with aramid fibers and infused with tough epoxy.

Thus, its light weight will maximize performance while the material will withstand high pressures and give outstanding durability. You get to experience fantastic distances even with the initial cuts, so you don’t need to break it in for prolonged periods.

4. Easton SIS Major Team Edition

Easton’s SIS Major SP16SSTEU is a two-piece wonder that will have pitchers leaving the field in frustration as you deliver hit after powerful hit.

The bat has a wonderful feel to it with a perfect balanced enhanced with the progressive end load. The handle is a comfortable 29/32” ultra-thin with a gauze batting grip suitable for all sizes of hands.

The TCT Thermo Composite 12” barrel provides a good sweet spot made from premium composite material. The IMX composite handle reduces vibrations upon impact while optimizing barrel loading.

This is the bat the the Easton Major teams use, only that this particular model is affordable enough for the regular USSSA player and even the backyard or playground player.

5. Team Combat Derby

Kami Marrott led the Team Combat slowpitch team to a hard fought USSSA World Championship in 2015, and with the GCBSP2 you can also lead your team of champions.

Despite the name of the bat and the girly colors, you can use this bat for co-ed games with terrific results.

The bat is made from injection molded composite material which is further fortified by specially formulated G3 resin from the Original Lady Virus Mandrels. This gives the bat exceptional rebound capabilities all across the sweet spot and fantastic durability.

The bat has a half-ounce end load making for a comfortable yet powerful swing. Your comfort is further enhanced with a premium lizard skin grip and ultra-thin handle.

You do not need to shave or roll this baby, as it comes hot off the wrapper.

6. Worth 220 SB22BU

The Worth 220 has awesome capabilities, tuned to perfection with Max Performance technology for great play with the Classic M Extreme softball.

The SB22BU has a fabulously balanced swing weight. It is a single-piece made from 100% composite material without fillers and proudly manufactured in the US. Thus, you get unmatched performance and fantastic durability.

The triple-wall barrel utilizes seamless walls for awesome pop on each sweet spot hit. The compression has been reduced to adhere to new rules, thus making it one of the best USSSA slowpitch softball bats.

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