The 4 Best High School Baseball Bats of 2019

High school baseball bats come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes and types. As a result, it can be somewhat hard to determine which the best high school baseball bats are. Typically, such bats are made from non-wood materials and are required to conform to the BBCOR regulations.

This means that the exit speeds of these bats must not exceed a certain limit or they can be deemed illegal in a given match. To make it easier for you to make an informed decision, we have brought together brief reviews of some of the best high school baseball bats.

Best High School Baseball Bats 2019

DeMarini 32″ M2M Composite Baseball Bat

The DeMarini 32” M2M bat is one of the best bats for high school baseball play. This bat combines the good of both alloy and composite materials. DeMarini has constructed the handle of this bat with alloy, utilizing one of the stiffest alloy materials.

In the construction of the barrel, DeMarini has used composite material by using its exclusive extrusion process. As a result, the barrel walls of this bat are incredibly slim without compromising on their solid hitting power. This allows the bat to pack an exceptionally large sweet spot and a single wall barrel that offers maximum trampoline effect.

The barrel concludes with a specially designed end cap which enhances the hit while absorbing any feedback vibrations. When coupled with the alloy handle, the bat is able to offer additional whipping effect which means that you can swing it harder and faster and hit the baseball into greater distance.

The handle is packed with a Hybrid Performance Grip which is two-piece design and lets the players accurately position their hands firmly on the handle while swinging it on the plate. The bat is BBCOR certified and carries a length to weight ratio of minus 3 and a 2 5/8” barrel.


The Easton Wood MAKO MAPLE is one of the best wooden bats for high school baseball. If you already play well with wooden bats, choosing a wood bat for high school player is a far better decision than choosing a composite bat.

It may be slightly harder to play with a wood bat but if you master it, you can really shine on the plate. The barrel of this bat is constructed from handpicked maple wood which has been ink dot tested to ensure that it carries the straightest maple grain.

The result is a barrel with an excellent solidity. Easton has engraved the barrel with laser and included a cupped end to ensure that the bat swings with great balance. The barrel of the bat ends in a 7/8” handle which is very well-suited for a solid grasp.

To add to it, the handle carries a 0.6mm Hyperskin grip which makes it incredibly easy for players to hold the bat in a firm grip when swinging it. The bat carries a length to weight drop ratio of -3 and is BBCOR certified, so it is legal to be used in high school baseball play.

Axe Bats L137C Element Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Axe L137C bat is a bat made entirely from top-grade premium alloy material. Like most alloy bats, this bat offers extensive durability and solid performance on the field. Axe has constructed this bat with a unique design so that the bat is precisely suited for human hands.

As a result, you are able to swing this bat more naturally and precisely than most other high school bats. The LP2 Military Grade alloy material used in the construction of this bat allows for a solid barrel with concentrated mass, sizable sweet spot and a rapid swing speed.

Carrying a one-piece design, this is a no non-sense bat that is perfectly suited for such players who rely on their heavy-hitting prowess on the plate to hit hard and far.

The barrel of the bat ends in a carbon fiber end cap which makes it easier for players to control their bat during swinging. The bat is certified for use in BBCOR matches and is one of the best alloy bats for high school baseball play.

Rude American Bats Speed Engineered MOAB(Mother Of All Bats)

This bat from Rude American Bats comes constructed from high-grade scandium alloy blend, offering the solid power and durability of an alloy bat coupled with a light and fast swing.

Using the Speed Engineered technology, RAB has made this bat so that the weight is evenly distributed over the barrel, making it possible for players to hit confidently with this bat. Such even weight distribution also significantly enhances the exit speed of a ball when hit with this bat.

The 2 5/8” inch barrel of this bat offers solid hitting power and for a player who can channel solid momentum into the barrel, this bat can truly hit long and hard. Being an alloy bat, one of the great things about it is that it doesn’t require a break-in period.

So you are essentially able to use the bat right out of the wraps and start performing well with it. The bat carries a BBCOR certification and has a weight drop of -3, making it eligible for use in high school matches.

High school and USA Baseball Bats

High school baseball bats have to comply with a certain set of regulations. They can pack a maximum barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches. Moreover, the length to weight difference of a high school bat should be no more than 3.

One of the most important features of a high school bat is that it is BBCOR certified. This means that the exit speed of the bat must not exceed the limit specified in the BBCOR certification. This is done to ensure that the baseball hit is not so hard and fast as to inflict a serious damage on a player.

All the best high school baseball bats we have shortlisted above closely follow these regulations in their construction and are therefore legal for use in high school matches.

USA Baseball Bats only for younger ages and there are rules different High school bats. Basically they are not BBCOR certified. in fact, there are a lot of the USA baseball bats reviews on market and they don’t mention to this certification in their reviews.

Well, we hope you had the bat information for the your new season.

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