The 5 Best Baseball Bats for High School – Help You Pick the Good Bats

High school baseball is the right time to take up BBCOR bats. Most high school league matches require players to wield BBCOR bats.

This is why it is important to find a BBCOR bat that delivers quality performance on the plate. To make everything is easier for you all, I have placed a list of the best baseball bats for high school in this great post.

This list includes alloy, hybrid and composite bats. With this comprehensive list, I am sure you will be able to get a cool bat that perfectly suits you.

5 Best Baseball Bats for High School

Easton 2018 S250 BBCOR

When it comes to the best baseball bats for high school, no list is complete without the offerings of Easton. Easton prides itself in the quality of its bats and rightly so. The 2018 S250 bat from the company is a clear testimony.

This is an aluminum alloy that delivers the classic pop and power. It is the perfect choice for power hitters who want a powerful bat to channel their prowess. Easton has used military grade ALX50 aluminum in the construction of this bat. This allows the bat to pack a solid barrel and excellent durability.

The bat has a weight drop of -3 and comes with BBCOR certification. This means it can be used in both high school and collegiate leagues requiring a BBCOR bat. The powerful 2 5/8 inch barrel is topped with a concave end cap.

This enables the bat to have a perfectly balanced design. The balance lets players control its swing and momentum with great accuracy. If you are a power hitter looking for a high-performance BBCOR bat this season, S250 is the answer.

DeMarini D110 Pro Maple Composite Wood: DX110

The wood bats of DeMarini are in a league of their own. While the company prides itself in creating wood-only bats, it also constructs the great wood composite bats. The D110 is one example. It is not too much to say that this bat is among the best wood bats on the world now.

This bat combines the classic performance of a wood barrel with the reliability of a composite wood handle. DeMarini has used pro grade maple wood in the construction of the 2 ½ inch barrel. The barrel has a single-wall construction which delivers the classic pop on the plate.

The handle is made from composite wood material. The brilliant combination of the barrel and the handle creates an exceptionally strong bat. It essentially combines the performance of wood with the durability of composite material.

The two-piece construction is unique in that it delivers a degree of flex which is not usually found in wood bats. The barrel has a sizable sweet spot and the overall feel of the bat is very balanced.

D110 carries BBCOR certification for high school and collegiate baseball matches. It has a non-cupped end and a standard small knob.

2018 Mizuno Covert: BB18COV

Mizuno BBCOR bats never fail to deliver. This commitment to performance is well reflected in the Mizuno Covert BBCOR, one of the best BBCOR bats offerings for the season.

The Covert bat has a barrel made from HotMetal alloy. Mizuno has used the CorTech technology in crafting this barrel. Thanks to this technology, the barrel has a massive sweet spot for better hitting accuracy on the plate.

The 2 5/8-inch alloy barrel is coupled with a Black Onyx Carbon composite handle. This adds to the overall performance and durability of the bat. The handle and barrel are connected through the 2-piece LINK technology. This ensures that players are able to channel the maximum amount of their hitting force through the handle and into the barrel. It also significantly mitigates negative vibrations on the handle.

Mizuno Covert features an end cap that offers excellent pop when you hit with this bat. This two-piece hybrid bat is approved for use in both NCAA and NFHS. It carries BBCOR certification for both high school and collegiate play.

2018 Adidas Aero Burner Hybrid: AEROHY18

The 2018 Adidas Aero Burner is a two-pieces hybrid bat from the globally renowned sports manufacturer. The bat delivers a consistently good performance right out of the wraps which makes it one of our favorites this season.

Adidas has used AeroBurner alloy material in creating the barrel for this bat. The handle is made from 100% carbon fiber material. The barrel and handle work seamlessly together to deliver an explosive performance on the plate. Adidas has used Energy Recoil System at the connection point between the two. This ensures maximum one-way energy transfer while minimizing negative vibrations on the handle.

The barrel is sized at 2 5/8 inches and comes with a massive sweet spot. The handle is topped with the EQT grip tape which allows for excellent control over the bat during the full motion of the swing.

AeroBurner is BBCOR certified and features a Texin end cap.

RIP-IT Helium: B1503H

If you are looking for a more advanced bat that features modern technologies, the Helium from RIP-IT is the right choice for you.

This bat from RIP-IT comes in a five-piece construction. The barrel, taper and handle of the bat are constructed from alloy material. The alloy is compressed using Helium gas. As a result, the bat delivers an exceptional degree of swing speed and pop while reducing the overall MOI.

The bat packs a 2 5/8 inch barrel and has a weight drop of -3. Thanks to its low MOI, it offers unbelievable swing speeds on the plate. For power hitters who want a solid barrel as well as fast swinging speed, this bat is the perfect choice. The bat is approved for high school and collegiate play, carrying a BBCOR certification.

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