Welcome to the UW Department of Architecture blog!

As you all may know, architecture school is a unique experience. It is more than creating a stellar portfolio, enrolling in the right classes, and conquering BIM. Of course, these may be the underlying goals, but what about everything else that makes us special here in Seattle?

Arch [BE] Log is a blog and forum for current students, faculty and the Seattle architecture community to discuss department happenings and current trends in the built environment throughout the world. This is the place to follow UW, Seattle and international studios, learn about upcoming events, job and fellowship opportunities, competitions, photos from Happy Hour, exhibits and other celebrations – AND to voice your opinion on lectures, reviews and interesting architectural elements and projects around Seattle that you can’t help but admire, critique or observe on your quest for coffee at 12am.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to contribute to this account of all things architecture (and life) to contact Nancy Dragun at edwardrauch(a)yandex.com.