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Photo Lab Reboot

Contributed by Abby Inbanputr, Photo Lab Instructor

The photo lab is back in business! Complete with the extensive music collection, smells of developer, prints hanging to dry, and students at work. Tucked away in the basement, the Gould Hall photo lab is easy to forget about, but it is a unique and valuable resource that is well-used by students in the College of Built Environments. You may not have reason to walk by the photo lab often, but you might have noticed students around Gould Hall with their 35mm film cameras.  Here is a virtual look inside the revitalized space:

04    03

02    05

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Please take a detour by the lab to view the student work up for exhibit in the hallway outside.  Shooting with film is challenging, so many things can go wrong before you even see the pictures. Using black and white film and darkroom techniques to make images, the students are learning to think critically about light, tones, and space, as well as how to photograph a building well. Like drawing, the hands-on nature of shooting with film encourages looking at the built environment with a more critical perception.

Christel Game_01


Photo by Christel Game


Monica Sarker_01

Photo by Monica Sarker


Jialing Liu_01


Photo by Jialing Liu


Tianshi Guo_01

Photo by Tianshi Guo




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