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ARCH 100 Summer 2014

Written by Lecturer Judith Swain

For the past 20 years, ARCH 100 / Introduction to Architecture has offered students the opportunity to learn about architectural design in an intensive, hands-on program during the UW summer quarter. It has also provided studio-teaching experience for the GSAs involved in the course. This year, we wrapped up the program with the students engaged in a 1-week comprehensive portfolio workshop that followed 8 weeks of lectures, fieldtrips, and design studio. Of the 26 students, more than half are considering applying to graduate school in the next year or two. Many of the others are looking forward to the undergraduate architectural prerequisite courses starting this autumn quarter.

ARCH 100 2014 was co-taught by Judith Swain and James Thompson with the assistance of graduate students Bennett Sapin, nbso online casino reviews Justine Loong, and Philip Syvertsen. As always, the program has benefited greatly from lecture presentations by members of the CBE faculty, fieldtrips guided by local design professionals, and the invaluable contribution of guest critics, many of whom are current and recent graduate students in the Department of Architecture.

It was an exciting and action-packed 9 weeks. The following images are samples of the ARCH 100 student work and experiences.

For more information about ARCH 100 please visit here.

ARCH 100 blog entry.pptx

Students on field trips to The Bullitt Center, Suyama Space, and St. Ignatius Chapel.

ARCH 100 blog entry.pptx

Students working in studio.

ARCH 100 blog entry.pptx

Students presenting their final work.

ARCH 100 blog entry.pptx

GSAs Justine Loong, Phil Syvertsen, and Bennett Sapin.

ARCH 100 blog entry.pptx

Final review models and drawings.

ARCH 100 blog entry.pptx

Student sketches.




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