ARCH 400 Tectonic Models Nov27


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ARCH 400 Tectonic Models

Written by Undergraduate Michal Okonski


            Recently, all three of the Arch 400 studios were assigned to build ½” scale models of their studio projects. The models were to show an interesting and important section of the project as well as the structure of the building. Although our three studios had different focuses, the models were a chance to bridge the gap between us.


            I love working with my hands and building models. For me, the physical act of building models is one of the most exciting aspects of online casino architecture school. So much can be learned from this process both in terms of the project at hand and model building as an art form. Each model can represent a different stage of development and understanding of craft. I really appreciate this integration of model building into the department’s curriculum.


            One of the greatest insights of this process is not what I can learn from my project, but what I can learn from other projects. I’m always impressed by what my fellow students produce. In the days and hours leading up to the deadline, one might doubt the quality and completeness of these models. But, the work always ends up done when the time comes. We presented our models in Architecture Hall Exhibit 250. It was amazing to see them in the room together. And now, with no time to spare, we are focused on the next pressing deadline of our respective studios.

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