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Insight, In Site

Written by Kate Reef and Kyle Kinney, M. Arch. 2014

Bike Gang 1

The studio visiting various sites on bike in Copenhagen.

The Scan Design Master Studio gives students the opportunity to spend two weeks on a tour of Copenhagen, Denmark studying the urban conditions and architecture that set it apart from other European cities. The Gehl Studio is supported by the Scan Design Foundation. This year the studio has students from the Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Planning Departments of The College of Built Environments. With its emphasis on URBAN PLAY and activation of public space, the trip to Copenhagen was a great inspiration for the potential of the U-District, the focus of the studio.

As a way to create URBAN PLAY into the U-District groups of students were given the task of installing a temporary installation within the district that will activate public space. Our interventions used existing, found, and up-cycled materials to fabricate leave-no-trace installations that were placed throughout the U-district with staged events on October 5. The installations provide inspiration for the quarter-long studio as we investigate the implementation of urban play in the U-District.


ALLEY MINI GOLF reclaimed the alley North of 45th St. and West of the Ave. as
a mini golf course. Using iconic alley detritus, mini golf transformed the space,
utilizing the dumpsters, doorways, and slope to bring playful people into the alley
while allowing cars, pedestrians, and bikers to pass through.


NOTE IN A BOX wanted to capture the sense of change that is sweeping the online casino U-
District, particularly the site of the new light rail station at the intersection of 43rd
St and Brooklyn Ave. Using balloons and encouraging pedestrians to pop them
emphasized the ephemeral nature of the built environment in the U-District.


ON THE FENCE moves the performance venue of the Neptune Theatre to the streets by utilizing the ubiquitous chain link fence surrounding the future site of the light
rail station as a flexible armature to support musical instruments constructed with salvaged objects in order to promote play and bring music back to the streets.


CHALK THIS WAY provided a place for people to write or draw their thoughts on a whim by placing chalkboards along a construction wall along 40th street. Normally
an uninviting sidewalk, the installation quickly became filled with multilingual text
and quirky drawings.


MASKING THE ALLEY used different colored tape to re-envision the gray scars that are left behind from graffiti removal. The public was given the authority to take back
the walls of the alley by creating what they felt would be appropriate as a response to the graffiti removal using the colorful tape.

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