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Seattle Design Jam!

A Design/Build Competition

The Design Jam is dedicated to exploring big ideas for urban life by hosting interventions in a space provided by the Seattle Design Festival. Physical installations, interactive displays, games, furniture, or performance devices are welcome.

The 2013 Design Jam will take place on Sept. 20-22 during the 3rd Annual Seattle Design Festival


The Seattle Design Jam is a design competition addressing the central themes of the Design Festival through interactive structures, exhibits and tools to ignite curiosity, encourage discussion and engage the public in the conversation about this year’s festival theme, Design in Health.

Given this year’s theme the Design Jam will explore our physical, mental, social and nutritional health through the creation of an urban playground. We’re asking YOU to create a play, exhibit or thought-provoking installation, limited in size and height that will be displayed outdoors for the Seattle Design Festival.

Our goal is to allow the public to engage these structures in any sort of physical or mental activity; to learn and explore this connection by “doing, playing, tinkering and interacting.” Each structure should take an investigative look at issues surrounding an individual’s physical or mental health. The structure should allow the user to grasp a concept, learn about an issue, or interact with a topic of the entrants , while also showing how the design of the structure helps inform the user of the critical message.

Seattle is the perfect setting to set a national example of how Design can improve Health

FIND OUT MORE BY VISITING http://www.seattledesignjam.com/




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