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Realizing the Wawona

This Thursday, August 1, spend first Thursday at MOHAI!

Cost: Free
Location MOHAI – Microsoft Lakefront Pavilion

As part of the ‘New Agencies’ salon series, the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Seattle Design Committee presents:

Realizing the Wawona: An Inside look at the Parametric Design and Fabrication Process for the Installation at MOHAI

Jeff Hudak will be presenting Studio Fifty50′s work on the design and fabrication of John Grade’s Wawona Sculpture installed at MOHAI. He will also be discussing the studio’s work on selected projects and how parametric design has enabled these projects to be realized.

Jeff Hudak is a founding partner of Studio Fifty50, a digitally oriented design studio in Seattle, WA. In addition to practicing, he teaches courses on digital design and fabrication in the Architecture Department at the University of Washington and in the Design Department of The Art Institute of Seattle. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University, and his Master of Architecture from The University of Washington.


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