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Dance and Architecture

A Meeting in an Unlikely Place |  An installation exploring the intersection of dance and architecture

The premiere is on August 1, 2013-for 1 night only-and starts at 5pm with performances running on the hour every hour till 9pm.  The location is at Nord Alley in Pioneer Square.  For those of you not familiar with Nord Alley it is located just south of Occidental Park across South Main Street.  The performers include Ezra Dickinson and myself with live music by Zeke Keeble.

This installation is part of my thesis project as I am getting ready to complete the Master of Architecture Program at the University of Washington.  I am exploring ways to merge the fields of dance and architecture through the online casino use of performance-installations and explore how these installations can be used as a method for architectural investigation.

And the best part-it”s free!!

Watch the trailer that was made in collaboration with Doug Arney

A Meeting in an Unlikely Place from Benjamin Maestas on Vimeo.

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