Final Review Mar22


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Final Review

At the end of every quarter, it’s hard to imagine having time to tear yourself away from your computer and catch another studio’s review. We often toil till the very last minute and head home to a few short hours of sleep before each review. Attending the furniture studio final review is a refreshing break from this routine.


The joy of furniture studio(and attending the review) comes from the tangible result of all the design and hard work that goes into the quarter. Walking around Gould Court, the hard work and thoughtful consideration to detail was apparent in each piece. Having missed the opportunity to take this studio, I am always in awe of what is accomplished in the short ten week quarter. Each piece this quarter had a wonderful, playful quality to the design but also expressed the craftsmanship of each student.

Of course, all the students could not have made such beautiful pieces without the amazing help and advice from Penny Maulden, Steve Withycombe, and Kimo Griggs.



From Kimo Griggs on the review:

“The review was extraordinary, really. The work provoked a full afternoon of deeply-felt, warm and generous discussion centered on the work itself of course (design, craft, materials, finish), but focused on design process, values and intent, the ethics and significance of making prized, beautiful things today, and the values that became embedded in each individual during the quarter. Every piece was a small-scale monument to what Architecture can be – a beautiful, lasting, moving, accessible work resolved to the point that both the object and the affected space around it were dynamically balanced and composed.

What a quarter, what a group, and what a day!”



Thanks to reviewers for interesting afternoon and discussion!
Reviewers: Jeffrey Oschner, Ernie Pulford, Chad Robertson, Bill Suhr, and Cheryl Gilge

To sum up the studio this quarter, some highlights:


CarefulWorkCareful Work


FineWorkFine Work



HandEyeCoordinationImportant Hand / Eye Coordination

PuzzlePiecesPuzzle Pieces

PizzaBreakPizza Break

AtRestAt Rest

AftermathThe Aftermath

Smile!2013The Students!

Kevin Lang, Marcus Crider, Chris Graesser, Dong Nguyen, Patricia Wilhelm, Arendse Agger, Allison Eddy, Emily Aune, Chris Garlend, Louisa Galassini, Thayer Wild, Holly Schwartz, Jaclyn Merlet


(Read a previous post on progress of the furniture studio written by Jaclyn Merlet with process photos here)


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