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In the 1950s, Corbusier had grand visions for the capitol complex in Chandigarh, India and for the most part left his signature mark in the masterpieces of the High Court and the Secretariat. One third of the plaza triad however was left out. A piece of land remains undeveloped and untouched, waiting for Corb to come back and finish what he started.

Corb isn’t coming back, so Vikram Prakash and his vertical studio are bravely taking his place. What Corb did leave behind were two plans of vastly different character to complete the master plan. One was the Governor’s Palace, an intricate concrete weave of forms that recalls the Villa Savoye placed atop a concrete plinth, with a curved concrete piece raised to the sky. The other is the Museum nbso online casino reviews of Knowledge, a Modernist experiment in the free plan. Preservationists in the city of Chandigarh have gained funding  and momentum to build the last of Corb’s building on the site, but the question that hasn’t been answered is which building design should it be?

Our studio attempts to answer that question. Each student has been tasked with picking one of the designs and redesigning it to fit a reconceived Museum of Knowledge, which has been interpreted as a seed bank, an open-source university, and a meditation center, among other building programming ideas. What belongs in a site already rich in a Modernist tradition? Some students have grappled more with historic preservationist motives, while others have developed grand visions on the scale of Central Park. The variety of process methods have produced some very unique projects, none of them alike.

KANGmichelle_26feb13_image1  Corbusier’s original designs

KANGmichelle_26feb13_image2 Michelle Kang, section idea for the Analog House

Kira Connery, glycerin model with cardboard for the Chandigarh Biological Commons

Becca Fuhrman, elevation sketch for the Center for Urban Pedagogy

KANGmichelle_26feb13_image5Troy LaCombe, painting site concept for the School for Architectural Farming

Written By Michelle Kang and Kira Connery, MArch Candidates 


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