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Century 21 – Putting Seattle on the Map! 

Tyler Sprague, Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, along with several Seattle structural engineers are working together on this amazing documentary about the structural engineers of the 1962 Seattle World Fair. Read the description and watch the trailer!


The Structural Engineers of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair

The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair was a landmark event in the Pacific Northwest.  The buildings and structures of the Fair shaped the Fair experience and image – utilizing cutting edge structural technology in an architecturally expressive manner.  Their design and construction pushed the limits of contemporary structural design – efforts that were put on display in a highly public manner.  The experience of the casino Fair was directly shaped by advanced structural design technologies like tension-cable roofs, pre-cast concrete, high-rise steel, thin-shell concrete.  These technologies were relatively new and offered new built possibilities.

Through a close relationship with their architectural counterparts, the structural engineers of the Worlds Fair played a crucial role in creating the Fair landscape.  In an effort to both record these efforts, the Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington assembled and interviewed nine structural engineers who took part in the design of Fair buildings.  The Foundation is currently producing a documentary to commemorate the engineering achievements, due out in May 2013.

Watch the trailer here!


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