Halloween Gould Hall Nov01


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Halloween Gould Hall

This year’s Halloween Happy Hour – celebrated Friday Oct 26 – was the best costume show in years, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the student Happy Hour Committee and the Planning Students Association. Costumes ranged from simple bold colored shirts to elaborate constructs inspired by this year’s presidential election. Most notably, M. Arch. student James Moehring came in a black suit and a HUGE head of Mitt Romney which he constructed himself using Rhino, the 3-D modeling software. It was so effective that one student quipped it might be “all Rhino, all the time” for future Happy Hour Halloweens.

The costume contest was judged by applause meter, and that did not help Moehring/Romney. Everyone present would probably agree Moehring’s huge Romney head trumped all of other costumes in craftsmanship and showmanship. But this was an Obama crowd, and it was hard for many of us to clap loudly for “Romney.”

The winner was CBE graduate student Daniel Coslett, who came as the Space Needle. The photographer’s choice – after “Romney” – would be Kristopher Chan who came convincingly as the farmer in Grant Wood’s painting “American Gothic.”

For the photo nerds: I was especially interested in Halloween this year because I just got the new super powerful digital cameras from Nikon: the D4 and the D800e. Both can shoot at extremely high ISO speeds (12,800 and 6400 respectively). That means I can take good hand-held photos in the dim lights of Happy Hour without flash.

Remember those strobe lights I used to rig up on the 4th floor for Happy Hour photos? Gone. Check out these instead:

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