Arch 303 heads North! Oct25


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Arch 303 heads North!

Our intrepid first year March 3 graduate students, led by professors Ken Tadashi Oshima and Anjali Grant, head up north for the annual study/sketch tour of architecture/landscapes/urbanism from Arthur Erickson to post-Olympics development in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Trip statistics

Cars stopped at the border: 2

Spontaneous displays of parkour: 1

Hybrid to all-gas ratio: 4:1

Percent of downtown Vancouver traversed: 100

Guinness pot pies consumed after having walked the length of Vancouver: 9

Group photo opportunities: 1

Blue whale skeletons: 1

1. Day One: living large, riding large in one 20 gallon Tahoe. Driver Doug with passengers Kami, Brad and Claire.

2. Kristen and Jared stepping out onto the plaza of Arthur Erickson”s Robson Center. Note the absence of predicted rain.

3. Kami experiences the scale of the overhanging concrete eave firsthand.

4. Yoshi and Ken outside the law courts. Both carefully put their cameras away once we get inside the restricted court area (!).

5. Yoshi at the massive entry gate to Erickson”s Museum of Anthropology. The gates reduce in size along a diagonal path to the entry.

6. Jared sketching at the MOA.

7. Doug sketches in the sun. Note continued absence of predicted rain.

8. The pond at the west end of the museum has finally been installed: photo collage by Jason.


9. Ken and Becca at the front entrance to the Belkin Museum, also on the UBC campus.

10. Looking down to the galleries from the open office balcony.

11. At the Beatty Biodiversity Museum, Nicholas contemplates the great blue whale.

12. Bolted-on, low-tech screen walls encircle casino the courtyard.

13. Evening festivities: squeezing into the pop-up shop created by a UBC design-build studio.

14. Day two: after a wet run around Stanley Park (only for the most dedicated), the Binning House. Our eloquent host Matthew talking about the stacked, overlapping volumes – and the angles, the angles, the angles.

15. We experience the flow from inside to out.

16. Sitting in the sun at Erickson”s Waterfall House.

17. Ken and Alden look out from the gallery steps at the Emily Carr School of Art (Patkau).

18. The gallery at the Emily Carr.

19. The expressive tectonic detail.

20. Last stop “til the border – the Patkau”s Surrey branch library.

Written by Anjali Grant

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