A little daylight in the Gould basement Sep26


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A little daylight in the Gould basement

“You mean I don’t have to walk down the Burke Gilman with a lighting model ever again?”

It’s true! The newest BE Resource this year is the Materials + Daylighting Lab, located in the newly renovated Gould 002. With the generous donation of the overcast sky box and heliodon by the Integrated Design Lab (IDL), students can now conduct a lighting study for a studio project within the College of Built Environments! Faculty can now assign lighting studies in studios without hesitation!

The goal of the Materials + Daylighting Lab is to engage students with physically exploring the potential sustainability of design projects in terms of alternative materials, building envelope assemblies, construction systems, site strategies, and local daylighting conditions. In recent years, the materials
collection has been focused towards innovative building materials and envelope assemblies, with new additions of materials to promote daylighting, in partnership with the IDL, and sustainable sites, in partnership with the Green Futures Lab. Students and faculty can check out material samples for 3 days
for use in a course-related or design studio presentation. Requests for and donations of new material samples are always welcome.

The Materials + Daylighting Lab is funded by the College and staffed by Work Study students. Open hours for the Fall quarter will be Mondays 10-12 and Thursdays 1-3. Updated hours for each quarter will be posted to the new College of Built Environments website under Resources. Contact Jim Nicholls, with questions or to request new material samples. Contact Chris Meek with questions about accessing the daylighting equipment. Thank you to everyone in the College who made this new resource possible!

Written by Erin Feeney, MArch Candidate 2012.

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