Gould Court / Summer Studio Aug13


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Gould Court / Summer Studio

The happenings of Gould Court are probably the least concern for most students this summer but that’s not the case for nine CBE students who are enrolled in a summer studio being taught by Kimo Griggs and myself. The charge of the studio is to envision and fabricate design interventions that will enrich the environment of Gould Court. Topics of exploration have ranged from increasing the visibility of the college within the outside community to designing furniture that only functions correctly within Gould Court and the final push of the quarter is imagining an event space for the west court. We’re also exploring a variety of digital hardware and software in parallel with the design explorations. All of this in just nine weeks.  Join us for the final review on August 16th in Gould Court and in the meantime checkout the studio blog.

The focus of the studio is two fold: explore a design problem and further develop each student’s digital skillset. The Design Problem given to the students was as follows: Gould Court is used by the College of Built Environments for a variety of activities.  One day might require it to be a location for studio reviews, another day it is the location for a small lecture, or an exhibition space for the work of local firms or everyone’s favorite – the CBE Happy Hour.  This studio will study the current configuration and amenities of Gould Court and propose a set of interventions aimed at improving the usability, performance and environment of Gould Court.  The studies will be done as both individual and group design explorations, and through collaborative development.  In the second half of the quarter, the studio will choose a design intervention to further develop and then fabricate.

Written by Scott Crawford.

Roll Wall Seating

A Family of Folded Metal Seating


Depolyable Canopy for Gould Court

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