Seattle’s Floating Homes Featured in New Book by Erin Feeney Jul06


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Seattle’s Floating Homes Featured in New Book by Erin Feeney

Seattle’s Floating Homes featured in a new book by local author and UW M.Arch student, Erin Feeney, who highlights tales from life on the dock with vintage images

The newest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series is Seattle’s Floating Homes from local author Erin Feeney. The book boasts a vast collection of vintage photographs and memories of days gone by.

Seattle’s floating homes community began as a population of unregulated and inexpensive industrial houses in the late 1800s, yet it has evolved to become some of the most sought-after real estate in Seattle today. Little has been shared about this intimate and unique community that is characterized by eclectic architecture, diverse individuals and a strong sense of community.

It is hard to imagine Seattle without its floating homes, but there was a period of time when the community was considered undesirable and was almost driven from the city shores. This book explores the community history of floating homes in Seattle, tales from life on the dock and the ongoing challenges of being a fringe neighborhood in the urban context of the city.

Author Erin Feeney began working with the floating homes community in Seattle through her graduate studies in architecture at the University of Washington. The support of the Floating Homes Association, community members and local archive staff was pivotal in her ability to present the history of this relatively undocumented community in Seattle. Erin’s exploration of the contemporary history of the floating homes community extends through an exhibit at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry.

Highlights of Seattle’s Floating Homes include: Floating Homes and Community Origins, Life on the Water, A Community of Individuals, Seattle’s Floating Homes Association, and Changes on the Docks


Seattle’s Floating Homes by Erin Feeney
Images of America
series, Price: $21.99, 128 pages/ softcover


About the Author of Seattle’s Floating Homes
Erin Feeney, 27, is a native of Santa Barbara, California. This December she will complete her Master of Architecture degree at the University of Washington. It was through a course focused on local architecture and adaptive reuse of older buildings that Erin got involved with the floating homes community.  Following her research, Erin observed that while the floating homes are located in the heart of Seattle, the community lacks a way to engage with the rest of the city. The Floating Homes Association asked her what could be done to do reach out and share its story, and Erin began compiling photographs and researching the community history for the book. Erin is passionate about using design to improve the quality of life in cities.  During graduate school she has worked on projects with local non-profit community organizations El Centro de la Raza and YouthCare, in addition to the Floating Homes Association. After school, Erin plans to become a licensed architect and continue to work with urban communities to integrate social and environmental needs with appropriate design solutions. In addition to writing Seattle’s Floating Homes, Erin is in the process of designing an exhibit that will include the contemporary history of the floating homes community.  The six-month exhibit will open June 15th, 2013 at the new location of Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry on South Lake Union.


Available at area bookstores, independent retailers, and online retailers, or through Arcadia Publishing at (888)-313-2665 or online.              


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