Dorte Mandrup Studio Jul16


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Dorte Mandrup Studio

Working closely with Dorte Mandrup during two charrettes last quarter, students in the Mandrup Master Studio developed schemes for a culturehouse located on sites located along Madison Street in Capitol Hill.   Under the direction of Dorte Mandrup and Peter Cohan, the studio focused on making flexible space to accommodate diverse cultural activities.  The charrette weeks were demanding, one occurring at the very beginning of the quarter and the other during the final weeks.  For some students, the progress made during the second charrette was a development of the conceptual design from the first charrette, but for the others, the two charrettes produced different ideas and schemes altogether.  The structure of the studio allowed students to further explore their schemes and improve upon their graphic representation after the final review.  An exhibition at the end of the quarter provided students with an opportunity to display their work before it is compiled in a book documenting the studio.

The specific demands of the program and studio are described in more detail in an earlier blog post written at the beginning of the quarter after the first charrette.

Written by Sarah Eddy, MArch Candidate 2013.

Final Exhibition and Reception in Architecture Hall with Student’s Models

Final Exhibition and Reception 

Sarah Eddy 

Chris Gottfredsen 

Andrew Hansen

Melanie Raines 

Justin Farmer 

Emily Perchlik 

James Moehring 

Jenn Richter 

Mariam Kamara

Mariam Kamara

Victor Velarde

Final Exhibition / Student’s Study Models 


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