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Arch100 this Summer

Architecture Hall has been buzzing this summer with activity from the Arch100 Introduction to Architecture studio!  The 19 students in the class have come from a wide variety of disciplines and parts of the country to learn what architecture – and architecture school – is about at the University of Washington.  Lectures and field trips supplement the rigorous studio component and are intended to give students experience in different aspects of architecture, from adaptive reuse to urban planning.  Guest critics and lecturers have given the students tours of important architectural sights in the city and an insight into the practice of architecture.

The summer is quickly slipping away and everyone has been working very hard.  With only two more weeks left in the class, we are all looking forward to the final review!

Jim Graham of Graham Baba Architects gives a tour of St. Ignatius Chapel by Steven Holl, which he was involved in the construction of as a member of the local architecture firm.


After a tour of the UW DesignBuild Studio project at the Center for Urban Horticulture, the students were divided into teams of five and had 24 hours to build a shelter out of cardboard tubes, sheets of cardboard and string. Current graduate students Katie Hunt and Jeff Hyslop review one of the shelters.

Each shelter had to support at least two people – or more! (Nice work!)


Jay Deguchi of Suyama Peterson Deguchi gives a tour of Suyama Space in Belltown.


Guest reviewers Jonathan French and Elisa Renouard review the first project of the studio, a studio for an artist and artisan in an infill site.


Students sketch at the site of their final project for Arch100.  The eight weeks goes by quickly and there are only a few more classes before they present their final project!

Ashle Fauvre and Lance Smith review a student’s work at Mid-review last week

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