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Undergraduate Class / Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies ’12


Graduate Class / Master of Architecture ’12


The 2012 University of Washington College of Built Environments (CBE) graduation celebration took place earlier this month on Friday, June 8th at the Exhibition Hall in the Seattle Center.  The event honored graduates from all departments and interdisciplinary programs in the College.  As part of the ceremony Dean Daniel S. Friedman gave the welcome and recognition and Judith M. Runstad, who is Of Counsel for Foster Pepper PLLC, gave this year’s address.  The Chair of the Architecture Department, Dave Miller, presented the architecture graduates with their degrees.  Two people from the Architecture Department were honored at the ceremony: Associate Professor Nicole Huber was awarded the Lionel Pries Award for Teaching Excellence and Program Assistant Karen Helland received the CBE Staff Award. Following the ceremony there was a reception for the graduates, which the sunshine came out for just in time. Congratulations again and best wishes to all the 2012 graduates for a bright and successful future!


CBE Graduation Ceremony / Friday, June 8, 2012 in the Exhibition Hall, Seattle Center


Judith M. Runstad giving this year’s graduation address


Lauren Johnson (MS in Architecture) shaking Assistant Professor Kathryn Merlino’s had


Jesse Belknap (M.Arch) and Hunter Ruthrauff (MS in Architecture, Design and Computing)


Laura Hall and Megan Greenfield (BA in Architectural Studies)


Congratulations UW College of Built Environments Graduates, Class of 2012!


M. Arch graduates Julia Reeve, Jessica Yu and Natalie Gualy and their mothers


BA in Architectural Studies graduates Warren Pope, Megan Greenfield and Matt Fujimoto

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