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Dorte Mandrup Studio

Now that the first of two eight-day charrettes is over, those of us in the Mandrup Master Studio have had time to catch up on sleep and reflect further on how to tackle the design of a culturehouse on one of two sites located along Madison Street in the Capitol Hill area.  In conjunction with Peter Cohan, Danish architect Dorte Mandrup developed a program for the culturehouse intended to “support a wide variety of cultural activities in a compact, efficient and flexible building.”  The charrette focused on developing strong contextual responses and ways of bringing diverse program elements, such as a laundromat, cinema and maker lab, together.

Dorte Mandrup evaluating student models on site

Students on site with Dorte and Professor Peter Cohan

The program demands that we find ways to make double programmed, multi-functional space without letting it become generic and dysfunctional.  Throughout the charrette week, Dorte Mandrup made two presentations of her work that served as inspiration in the seriously playful questioning of program and creation of flexible spaces.

Student concept model

Student concept model

Student concept model

Student concept model

When Dorte returns in a month, we will present our progress and spend another intense charrette week developing our projects.  The nature of the somewhat ambiguous program requires all of us to be self-directed in our work, creating our own criteria by which to judge the success of our projects.

Written by Sarah Eddy, MArch Candidate 2013.

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