Furniture Sneak Peek Mar07


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Furniture Sneak Peek

The Furniture Studio requires that each student design, develop and finish a full-scale piece of furniture.  Each furniture piece is an opportunity to produce a piece of Architecture writ small; recognizing the studio is offered within an architecture program the process of design, design development, model-making and production does not differ significantly from a building design studio.  However the final result of the studio – real, full-scale objects – changes a number of things.  The physical consequence of design decisions and strategies is an inescapable reality, for example.  Issues of craft, method, tolerance, and the ethics of making are also heightened.

Students arrive on the first day of studio with drawings and models of three furniture ideas, as well as the specific context within which each piece is expected to stand. One proposal is chosen to pursue. The proposed context, or site is integral to discussion during the design phases.  A goal of the studio is to understand each piece in an architectural context, rather than a more general product-design context or to simply create “beautiful” free-standing objects.

Three model reviews and two full-scale mock-up reviews are held during the first half of the studio, along with presentations by guest reviewers. Following the second full-scale mock-up students purchase real materials and begin the race to completion. This year the final review will be held in Gould Court the afternoon of March 14, 2012.


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