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One to One

Gould Court last week was populated by some fascinating objects. Looking down from above, you could see structures 8 feet tall, hanging installations and what appeared to be a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle growing from the ground. These were the products from Design Development, Arch 570, which pairs with Arch 501, Tectonic studio. The two classes in tandem reinforce the idea of designing with a deep conceptual understanding of materiality and construction and creating, in Eduard Sekler’s words, “a strong statement, that intensified kind of experience of reality which is the artist’s domain… the experience of forces related to forms in a building.”

We were charged with the task of constructing “analytiques” of existing buildings that embody strong principles of tectonics. These would be carefully composed installations that demonstrate a building detail at a one-to-one scale. The challenge was not only to recreate, and in some cases reinterpret, the connections and precise details of a building but also to convey the relationship of the selected building part to the whole. And finally the design of the piece would take on an exhibit quality, with thought going into placement, installation and display of the constructed piece.

Working in groups of 4 or 5, we chose precedents from a wide range of architects including Kengo Kuma, Renzo Piano and Rural Studio. In watching the construction and fabrication work progress from initial sketches to the woodshop, Arch 570 professor Jim Nicholls commented that the class were putting in a “heroic effort.” What we, as students, took away from the exercise was not only more familiarity with the employees at Dunn Lumber but also a deep appreciation for the multi-layered thickness of walls and the intricate composition of joints. We drilled, spray-painted and measured with care, because the smallest details can seamlessly reinforce the overall design intent.

Written by Michelle Kang, best online casino MArch Candidate 2013.
Photo credits : Chris Graesser and Jim Nicholls

GC Prostho Museum Research Center, Kengo Kuma


Zentrum Paul Klee Museum, Renzo Piano


Akron Boys and Girls Club, Rural Studio


Bato Machi Hiroshige Museum, Kengo Kuma


Swiss Pavilion, Peter Zumthor


Pompidou Centre Metz, Shigeru Ban


Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, Caruso St. John


Newbern Fire Station and Town Hall, Rural Studio

Cranbook Natatorium, Tod Williams Billie Tsien


Hoshakuji Station, Kengo Kuma


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