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Urban Bicycle Station

There has been an increase in the presence of bicycles in the city, fueled by urban culture, energy costs, environmental awareness, and lifestyle choice. This positive growth creates the opportunity to propose new civic infrastructures and architectural responses that support the commuter and cultural use of bicycles.

Bike Studio thinks of an Urban Bicycle station as an innovative hybrid of street furniture and public building. Studio objectives emphasize inquiry into tectonic resolution and contextual and cultural engagement. Our site is located on a triangle of land between S. Jackson Street, 2nd Ave Extension S., and 3rd Ave S, across from King Street Station.

The first two weeks of the studio focused on designing a bike kiosk. Program included covered parking for 20 bikes, bike-share parking for 12 bikes, a designated bus stop area, a food truck stop, covered seating for eating and waiting, and a community art wall.

After completing the bike kiosk, the studio has moved on to the larger-scale bike station, which looks at incorporating the same program as the kiosk, but with an increase of bike parking for 200 bikes, bike-share parking for 20 bikes, the addition of a bike repair shop, a busker station and a café.  We just completed our mid-review last Friday and will now continue onto the All Studios Section Model (400 level), where we will work with the tectonics of the station at the ½” scale.

Jason Sawyer

Megan Greenfield

David Neuville

Michelle Deng

Jayson Marley

Stef Chambers

Matthew Fujimoto

Written by Megan Greenfield and Matt Fujimoto, BA in Architectural Studies Candidates 2012.

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