Thesis-izing Nov09


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THESIS. The word itself is daunting, the experience is pretty intense, and with only 10 weeks to design a “building,” there never seems like there is enough time. Despite all of this, thesis is the first time (and may be the only time), where we have the opportunity to choose our own topic, program and approach. (I may be the only one- but I think it’s pretty exciting). The final stretch is now, with only 4 weeks until final presentations, but here’s a sampling (below) of what we’ve been up to:

Be sure to check out the exhibit of thesis projects, by independent and studio students, now up in Architecture Hall.

Rob Potish
| Adrift on the Pequod, Space out of Time: A Trappist Monastery off the Coast of Santa Barbara


AJ Taaca
| Ha’upu: Hawai’i Children’s Discovery Center of Nature


Kate Weiland
| Native Spaces | Native Actions | Native Traditions : An Outdoor Education Campus for Seattle Public Schools


Louie Caldwell
| Lightbox: Dynamic Daylighting in a Portable Gallery System

Eryn Gaul
| Adapting to the Heat : Integrating Healthcare, Communities + the Built Environment in Gao, Mali


Wei Zheng
| Intergenerational Housing for the Shenzhen District of Guangdong, China: Reinterpreting the Traditional Hakka Dwelling


Adrienne Watkins
| Pixelated Urbanism: A Mixed-Use Strategy for Urban Density and Neighborhood Development


Titus Uomoto
| Intermodal Theater of Movement : A High Speed Rail Station for Seattle


Jack DeBlauw
| Cracking One Open: Building Inside Out, A Cooperative Distillery in Georgetown


Kelly Laleman | Transformation: Learning Site History through a Recreation and Research Center on Lake Union


Kristina Feliciano
| Waterfront Connections: A Dynamic Learning Environment for Downtown Seattle


Andy Brown | Parking Shift: Exploring the Design Alternatives for Adaptively Reusing Existing Parking Garages
Hiroko Matsuno | Multi-Ethnic Third Space: Community Garden Center in the Wilshire Neighborhood, LA

Yang Liu | Intermodal Transit Hub: Improving the Transfer Environment at the Li Shui Bridge Transportation Node in Beijing

Beau MacGregor | Anajali Secondary School, Olepolos, Kenya


Jenn LaBerge | Sense[ability]: a Multi-Layered Design Approach to B. F. Day Elementary

Nate Williams | Atelier Seattle: Engaging Immigrants and Refugees in the Design, Production and Exchange of Ethnic Clothing

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