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It’s in the Details

I’ve never had a chance to build a site model for my studio classes before so when Kimo Griggs asked who would like to help out I jumped in.  We wanted to build one that would last for multiple studios and show the graduate students in the next room what UW undergrads where capable of.

The site model is showing is new location for The Center for The Center for Commercialization aka the UW C4C4C.  Located on Pacific and 15th, it’s a convenient place for a studio site, just a few minutes away from Architecture Hall.

We knew modeling this site in 3D was not going to be an easy task.  Ken Kohnfelder and I jumped right into learning Rhino3D and ArcGIS for about 3 weeks to make a perfect 3D model to be used with the router.  Kimo even had us walking the streets of our site to get the exact widths of the sidewalks after arguing to make them all the same width.  With this model, it really did come down to the details.

With the help of Jeff ‘master’ Hudak and James Kimo Safford Griggs and some others from studio and the shop we were able to get a G-code written and the model was milled and put together.  It took two tries and getting nearly crushed by a pile of plywood to get it done but we didn’t really expect to get it right the first time.  Now we have a model that looks great and an outstanding representation of our studio.

Ps. Be sure to check out the model this Friday evening!  & thanks to Chris and Steve from the shop for giving a hand while Ken and I were being crushed by a pile of plywood yelling ‘help!’

Written by Richard Maneze, BA in Architectural Studies Candidate.

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