Design on the Shoulders of Giants Nov23


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Design on the Shoulders of Giants

Rome is a city built of discord, created out of struggles for power, out of grandeur, glory, and ruins – all battling each other for a place within the built environment. Monuments “restored” to their former grandeur sit incased by their protected lands, picturesquely dominating the horizons for all the country to see.  Plaques, and stone reliefs catalogue the “who’s who” “what’s what” of the past powerful.  Visitors and natives wander the streets en medius res- awestruck.  The city is in a constant states of refigurement.  Right now, I sit in the Circus Maximus, once the great sports arena, now just another ruinate landscape.  Flaneurs and dandies strolling the field of the Circus Maximus, backdropped by the ruins of Palatine Hill and the Forum Romana, in the distance a black plum of smoke fills the horizon – protest, expression.  The challenge of design within a city as complex and dense as Rome has hit all of us here at the Rome Center. Here at the Rome center we are working on a Museum of the Tiber, cross disciplinary between landscape arch and arch students, even the notion of disciplines are being challenged. A source of inspirations as well as headache, Rome undermines your foundations.  I have included a few images that attempt to capture this historic, urban, population, structural, and cultural density.

Written by Cory Nestor, BA in Architectural Studies Candidate 2012.

Nolli Map

Spanish Steps

Circus Maximus

Neighborhood street



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