AIR through Naples, Pompeii + Paestum Nov16


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AIR through Naples, Pompeii + Paestum

We have continued to have warm and sunny weather all fall -until today. Its been a great Indian summer -what Italians refer to as “Estate di San Martino.” Two weekends ago we enjoyed our second long field trip -to Naples, Pompeii and Paestum -and it was a blast.  We saw modern architecture like the gateway pavilion for the new re-working of a huge former steel plant in Bagnoli (detail picture), and ancient temples like the so-called temple of Ceres (pictured) in Paestum.  (Sorry the group picture from Pompeii is blurry -must have been a small earthquake!)   Our last stop was at a farm where “Mozzerella di Bufala” is produced and we saw everything from baby water buffaloes and their mammas, to the forming and packaging of the final product.  We also enjoyed Bufala Gelato and Cappucini!

We toured a Travertine quarry on our way to Villa d’Este in Tivoli, and had a great lecture from architect Elena Carlini of Trieste last week.

We had a great schematic / mid-review yesterday.  Students got great feedback from about 10 local practitioners and academics, and all are working toward completing interesting projects on a demanding site along the Tiber river.
We will have the third, and last, cooking lesson with Bill Guion tonight -glad to say that every student was able to attend at least one class.   Now its down to work for us, and for the new transitional government here in Rome.  Many momentous things happening for all.

Warm wishes from Rome !



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