NWPR Conference : Just Share. Oct14


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NWPR Conference : Just Share.

“A city, properly speaking, does not exist by the accretion of houses but the association of human beings” - Lewis Mumford

Last Friday and Saturday we (Davis Hammer and Kate Murphy) participated in the 3rd Annual Northwest and Pacific Region Leadership Institute at the IDL.  Six schools from the region participated in the conference: University of Washington, Washington State University, University of Idaho, Montana State University, University of Hawaii, and Portland State University.

This year’s conference focused on the role of architecture in creating civic life.  The key questions the conference addressed were:

· What is the ‘civic life’ in the 21st century and how do we define it?
· What are the roles and the opportunities for architecture and architects in supporting and engaging the civic life?
· What role do the different types of communication play in creating, changing and participating in the civic life?
· How do we develop a framework to meaningfully engage in the civic life?

Prompted by these questions and articles by Sam Mockbee, Deborah Tanner, Paul Rogat Loeb and Tom Kelly, we began the discussion of how architecture and education engage with communities.  Inciteful presentations about civic life were given by Daniel Friedman, Sharon Sutton and Peter Steinbrueck.  For the rest of the weekend we participated in many group discussions and built relationships with the other students and faculty. As a follow up to this conference we will be working with David Miller and Jake Labarre to develop and impliment a project which engages our community.

Just share.

Kate and Davis

NWPR 2011 group photo

Group discussion and brainstorming at the IDL

Davis engaged in conversation with other students

Just Share (the motto)

Final dinner at Ivar’s on the pier

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