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English Roundabouts

Greetings from England!  I (Juan Vergara) am currently participating in the University of Liverpool Exchange.  I am joining MArch students in their last year of the program for a semester project.  The studio design includes a mixed-use project, predominantly residential and in an urban setting, to produce an environment which is both inherently livable and carbon-neutral.  We were placed in groups of 3-4 to design individual plots within the proposed neighborhood, creating a collaborative studio environment.  It is quite an amazing experience as the framework has created constantly evolving conditions as each group develops their design.

The studio began by visiting old and recent developments in Copenhagen in order to analyze what makes a livable neighborhood.  In addition to seeing some remarkable architecture, the trip offered me the opportunity to meet my studiomates as we explored the city. At the end of the semester, we hope to offer a design that integrates technology seamlessly with social systems, which provides the infrastructure for a completely sustainable community. I am very much enjoying the studio culture as well as many events the city has to offer, including English Premier League games at Goodison Park.christmas inflatables

Written by Juan Vergara, MArch Candidate 2012

Neighborhood bike tour through Copenhagen

Schematic review of initial individual plot designs

Initial massing models within context

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