Ciao Tutti Ragazzi Oct24


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Ciao Tutti Ragazzi

Ciao tutti ragazzi,

This is my second time studying in Rome, and it’s amazing to be back!

Even after spending a month here as an undergraduate, it is still excitingly overwhelming, confusing, and nonetheless fun to be back in this city.

This year’s program is focusing on water, food, and other urban infrastructures of Rome. We’ve been of course getting lectures on history and urban form, and sketching assignments, had a tour of most of the food markets around, and I am now patiently waiting for my turn at a cooking lesson with Bill. We visited the Maxxi – a contemporary museum by Zaha Hadid, one that I had missed last time I was here. A temporary, movable landscape pieces as an installation in the plaza was far more interested, however, and we got to talk with the young local firm that designed and built.

Overall, it’s been a great combination of landscape and architecture students (strangely I began to draw tree roots in my sections). Currently everyone is working on the first major group assignment involving the Tiber river and analysis of great streches across the city. And we’ll be soon on our way to a second trip outside of Rome – Naples, Pompeii and more!

Written by Natalia Chetvernina, MArch Candidate 2012

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