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Aalto University Wood Program on ArchDaily

Congratulations to Megan Groth and the Aalto University Wood Program on the Liina Transitional Shelter!

The number of refugees worldwide is expected to grow to over a billion by 2050. The Liina Transitional Shelter is a temporary building to be used in cold climates during crisis situations anywhere around the world. Designed and built entirely by the students of the Wood Program at Aalto University, Liina is made of mostly Finnish wood and wood-based materials, making it not only an elegant and dignified but also a sustainable solution to this global problem.

As a transitional shelter it is intended to be a secondary response after a crisis. The shelter can be assembled by two adults in six hours with only common tools and a cartoon diagram. It is designed to house a family of five for up to five years during the post-disaster reconstruction phase and then can be upgraded, relocated, resold or recycled. The interior area is 18 sqm, designed to comply with the accepted standard of 3.5 sqm per inhabitant in refugee housing. The interior contains two semi-private sleeping spaces, a galley kitchen and dual purpose eating/living/workspace. A loft over the sleeping areas can be used as additional sleeping area and storage. There is an additional seven square meters of covered exterior space meant to serve multiple functions for the inhabitants during their occupancy period.

To read more, check out the article on ArchDaily, October 10, 2011.

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