Musings from the guest blogger Sep12


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Musings from the guest blogger

It seems that summer has ended and fall is coming to Seattle in full swing. We had a nice run, short as it was. This week, check out Tyler Sprague’s post about Bricks in Chandigarh and on Wednesday look out for a post by Jay Ranaweera, who is currently studying in Brazil. We’re winding down to the beginning of the school year at UW!

1. An article about Michael Arad and the 9/11 Memorial in New York from the NY Times.
2. The demolition of businesses on Capitol Hill via Seattle’s Big Blog.
3. The first annual Seattle Design Festival begins on Friday!
4. An architect in 140 characters or less via archdaily.
5. The Seattle 2030 District officially launched last Thursday.
6. The Forgotten Lessons of Mid-Century Modern Architecture as seen through a home by UW Architecture graduate Paul Kirk.
7. What would our map look like if the world’s population lived in one city?
8. 18 days left to enter the Playhaus Competition via Dwell.
9. Whose signature is this? An interesting look into what your signature says about you. (It’s Renzo Piano’s by the way)


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