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From 208J

This post marks my last as the guest blogger. It has been a pleasure. Eryn will be back at the reins later this week when she gets back in Seattle. Take a look at the following for some of the highlights of this week and have a fantastic upcoming school year!


1. 13 Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries, our very own UW Suzzallo Library is featured!
2. What is happening to the Pioneer Square area via Crosscut
3. WSU celebrates the work of northwest architect Jim Olson this week.
4. For all new students to the area, OneBusAway, the real-time bus arrival time app has won the 2011 Vision 2040 Award.
5. Architect Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects was just named MacArthur Fellow along with Shwetak Patel of the UW! Check out the video below.
6. Seattle’s Best and Worst Public Eyesores (according to one writer) via The Seattle PI
7. Resisting earthquakes, How Capitol Hill’s Greatest Old Buildings Stand Up, via Capitol Hill Blog
8. Who says gaming is a waste of time? Online Gamers Solve a Scientific Puzzle from UW researchers via The Seattle Times
9. Listen to thisĀ  great discussion, The Light Bulb 2.0, on the phase-out of the 100 watt incandescent lightblub via On Point.

Below is Jeanne Gang about her work and winning the MacArthur Fellow.

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