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From 208j

Welcome to a new week from Architecture and Gould Halls,

Posts to look out for this week:

Monday (today!) : Assistant Chair and Professor, Alex Anderson’s report on his sabbatical this past spring.
Wednesday :  Studio updates and highlights from the furniture studio.
Thursday : Upcoming events in Seattle and things to do this weekend.

Please feel free to comment on posts, send us your updates – and tell us if you’ve had any issues viewing the blog.


A few interesting things we’ve come across this week:

1. How well do you know your chairs? Check out this chair chart via Blue Art Studio.
2. An eye-opening photo essay on where children sleep around the world. via The New York Times.
3. Looking for more sketching practice (and tips)? Follow along Frank Ching, Gail Wong and the Urban Sketchers.
4. Join John Stamets’ new loop updates on the groundbreaking of the Bullitt Center via
5. As Point32 and Weinstein A|U move on to the new development project at the Belroy Apartments in Capitol Hill, the MadArt Mad Homes exhibit closed this weekend.
6. An oldie but goodie on Collaboration and Architects. Metropolis Magazine’s 2004 article on how a lot of people worked together effectively and effeciently on the Seattle Central Library.
7. The 2011 FutureShack project gallery. Discussion on September 20.
8. A look at this month’s Suyama Space exhibit, BLOOM  by Anna Hepler.
9. “If you’re younger than 18, you probably don’t remember that consumers once had to purchase actual objects to access music.” The WasteLandscape via Architizer.

And lastly, in trips to both Peter Miller Books and Elliot Bay Books this weekend, I scanned 101 things I learned in Architecture School, by Matthew Frederick, and came across this quick guide to perspectives that I was searching for throughout the spring quarter. A reminder is nice sometimes :


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