From 208j : via Philadelphia Aug29


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From 208j : via Philadelphia

Good morning from Philadelphia–

Posts to look out for this week:

Monday (today!): Architectural musings by Kathryn Rogers Merlino – and an update from graduate student, Erin Feeney on her houseboat research.
Wednesday: “Studio Views” from Jonathan French, Valle scholar driving his way through Norway
Thursday: Upcoming events in Seattle

During the month of September, our “Studio Views” will be highlighting students who are currently working, studying or doing research internationally. Look out for posts by Jonathan French (Norwary), Katie Hunt (Copenhagen), Jay Ranaweera (Brazil), Natalie Gualy (Cuba), Jennifer Richter (Copenhagen), and myself (Mali) – and possibly others.


And a short note from Eryn : Instead of enjoying the last summer weekend in Seattle, I’ve taken a few days off to visit friends and explore the east coast after more than four years away. With Irene barreling her way through the East Coast, my weekend travels to Philadelphia and New York City have been a bit unexpected – and definitely wet and windy. The city of Philadelphia officially closed down around 6pm on Saturday- and what came yesterday was pretty … uneventful. Businesses and residents were rushing around like the end of the world was around the corner, while my friends and I wandered the streets and ate a bar of chocolate. Here are a few photos from the weekend (sans New York because of their public transportation shutting down), enjoy.


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