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From 208j

Posts to look out for this week on Arch[BE]Log:

Monday (today!) : Chris Meek, Research Assistant Professor, talks about his upcoming book Daylighting Design in the Pacific Northwest
Wednesday :  Highlights from Jim Nicholl’s summer final Furniture Studio review.
Thursday : Upcoming events in Seattle and beyond.


I’m sure we all have favorite buildings around Seattle – but this weekend, it was the bright graffiti, murals and other street art that caught my eye in Capitol Hill, Golden Gardens and from I-5 South looking toward the Amazon building.  So, instead of documenting solely architecture, events, and articles around Seattle this week, here are a few of my favorite spots. What happens when people take over architecture with a can of paint (or chewing gum)?

1. Capitol Hill, 11th Ave between Pine and Pike (just down from Value Village).
2. University District, underpass before crossing the University Bridge. via Flickr.
3.  Location Unknown. via Flickr.
4. The Seattle Experimental Animation Team and Wallrus take over the walls near Cal Anderson Park starting September 10. via Seattle Weekly.
5. Loyal Heights/Ballard, tunnel to Golden Gardens. via Flickr.
6. Downtown, Pine Street. Via Flickr.
7. Downtown, Pike Place Market Gum Wall. via Flickr.
8. Capitol Hill, 11th and Pine. via Google Street View.
9. University District, 50th and Roosevelt @ Tubs. via Flickr.

For those that are seeking a little architecture satire, check out this  short clip below :

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