Final Review : Furniture Studio Aug24


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Final Review : Furniture Studio

Wednesday, August 17, marked the final review for Jim Nicholl’s summer furniture studio. Each of the eleven students showcased all three of their tables, the first two “quick” projects where the materials were supplied, and the final longer project. The tables were displayed in a matrix so that each student’s work could be looked at as a series, as well as each assignment could be compared across all the class.

The guest critics were Paul Davis, a practicing architect, John Marshal, furniture maker and School of Art wood shop technician, and UW Architecture Assistant Professor Gundula Proksch. The critics generally remarked on both the high level of craft and the wide range of strategies evident in the work.  Although the final projects were often held out for their refinement, the first two projects were favored by the critics for their open ended exploration and careful composition study.

Louis Caldwell

Aubree Ball

David Neuville

Jason Sawyer

Michael Wright

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