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Arch Staff to the Streets

This year our annual Architecture Staff Field Trip brought us to the neighborhood of Georgetown, which has been described as “the last outpost of any blue-collar, bohemian arts culture in Seattle”.  We started our field trip with lunch at the Hangar Café which afforded us a delicious meal and an intermittent overhead and audible show of jumbo jets, helicopters and twin engine planes soaring so close above us that it felt like we could throw a rock at it.  After lunch, Steve Withycombe (Shop Technician) took over as our tour guide.  His first stop was at All City Coffee where he is co-owner.  Afterwards, we proceeded to walk to our primary destination – his own design studio,  The Firm, which is a collaboration of artisans specializing in wood furniture, metal fabrication, and industrial arts.  It was quite interesting to see the work that our colleague is involved in outside of his role in the department.  We appreciated him leading us on a tour of his eclectic and creatively infused neighborhood and opening his studio doors to us.  In all, it was another fun and informative field trip!

Look for a post on Steve and his work in the upcoming weeks!

Photo (left to right): Penny Maulden, Linnea Kretz, Steve Withycombe, Kim Sawada, Shanna Sukol, Dave Miller, Xander (seated)

Written by Claudine Manio, Graduate Adviser

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