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Where are you, UW Architecture?

International programs offer students an opportunity to directly experience architecture, urbanism, and other cultures gaining exposure to the local-global and historical versus contemporary facets of architecture.

As the summer progresses, it seems like everyone is making travel plans (or has already left) for an upcoming adventure. Whether it’s a camping trip to the peninsula, a roadtrip to Vancouver or Portland, a visit to your hometown, or an upcoming studio, fellowship or internship abroad- these one-day architects will be found around the world in 2011-2012.

Scan|Design Master Studio with Gehl Architects in Copenhagen (September 2011)

Hilary Alves, Erin Feeney, Davis Hammer, Katie Hunt, Laura Poulin, Lauren Rock, Roma Shah, Andy Williamson

Architecture in Rome 2011 (Fall 2011)

Graduate Students: Natalia  Chetvernina, Pete Chimicles, Paul  Flores, Samuel Kraft, Jocelyn  Reutebuch

Undergraduate Students: Emily Andrews, Michael Avellone, Alena Birillo, Benjamin Bourgoin, Paul Chang, Char  Chong, Ellyn Freed, Laura Hall, Lisa Healy, Yi-Shan Hsieh, Nishant  Jacob, Daniel  Kim, David Kim, Robert  Kudo, Yuk  Lam, Evan Langendorfer, Sarah Law, Cory Nestor, Vy Nguyen, John Sampson, Calvin Tandi, Brianroy Thomson, Chris  Tritt, Coby Vardy, Paramitha Wardhani, Brandon Weyrick

Other Programs

Graduate Students:
Jonathan French (Valle / Summer 2011)
Ryan Heltzel-Drake (Valle / Summer 2011)
Lauren Keene (Valle / Summer 2011)
Sean Kelly (Scan|Design Exchange / Autumn 2011)
Kate Murphy (Lundgaard + Tranberg Arkitekter Internship / August 2011)
Jay Ranaweera (Brazil (unaffiliated foreign study program)/ Autumn 2011)
Jennifer Richter (Gehl Architects Internship / Autumn 2011)
Heather Rusczcyk (Kobe / 2011-12)
Juan Vergara (Liverpool Exchange / Autumn 2011)
Queena Yi (Scan|Design Exchange / 2011-12)

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