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Trollspotting, part 2

Sverre Fehn – Hedmarksmuseet, Hamar

While I’m waiting for paperwork to clear through the Norwegian bureaucracy, I’ve been planning side trips to places around Oslo.  My first stop: Sverre Fehn’s Hedmarksmuseet in Hamar.  Fehn adapted the ruins of a medieval bishop’s castle into a museum that houses artifacts documenting life around Hamar from the viking ages through the 20th century.  I’ve always been amazed looking at photos of this building, and seeing it in person only confirmed my amazement.  If you ever get the chance to visit, DO IT.  The building is worth the price of admission… onto an airplane headed to Norway.  Yup, a transcontinental, transatlantic flight.  Totally worth it.

Graduate student Jonathan French is in Norway to study the National Tourist Routes.  A project commissioned by the National Assembly, the National Tourist Routes are 18 designated stretches of scenic highway developed to promote tourism in rural communities.  The tourist routes utilize architecture, landscape architecture, and art to transform sites along each route into destinations in and of themselves, promoting excellent design and beautiful landscapes as a reasons to travel to Norway.  Viewed as a whole, the projects engage design, landscape, movement and cultural history in a manner that stitches together a contemporary expression of Norwegian national identity.

To keep up on his personal blog, visit : http://trollspotting.wordpress.com
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