Publication : Architecture in Rome 2010 Jul24


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Publication : Architecture in Rome 2010

During the students’ trip to northern Italy at the beginning of the Fall Quarter, they analyzed the topic of the 2010 Venice Biennale “People meet in Architecture,” by focusing on the “exhibition as city” (Biennale) and the “city as exhibition” (Venice, Vicenza, Verona), providing clues for the “interaction of new social and natural environments” and the development of “new values and a new lifestyle” (Kazuyo Sejima). They analyzed paths throughout Venice and Rome to develop the conceptual and physical infrastructure for the “Rome Biennale” addressing these topics in the Capital of Italy. The final project entailed the design of a pavilion at a site along one of the paths; the exhibition of their projects at the UW Rome Center as well as Gould Court after their return to Seattle, and the documentation of the entire project in this student-produced publication.

The Architecture in Rome 2010 book can be purchased via Lulu, here.

Tom Cole | Testaccio Ligature: A temporary Pavilion for the Rome Biennale

Lauren Keene | Cocooning the Unchangeable City: An Infrastructure of Making for Social Change
Janice Lo | Information Market: Forum within a Piazza
Heather Ruszczyk | Lavori Linea C: A Metro Station at Piazza Venezia
Doug Smith | Modern Ruin: Revealing Moretti’s Underground
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