Furniture Studio, part 1 Jul27


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Furniture Studio, part 1

In the Summer Furniture Studio, students  are introduced to the fundamentals of wood furniture fabrication and furniture design. It will began with an overview of the history of furniture from 1850 to the present, and the setting of a critical theoretical context for the studio. At the same time, students were introduced through demonstrations and hands-on practice the tools and techniques of the wood shop using real materials and equipment. Material properties and processes were be emphasized and each student is now producing  a series of three projects. Small wood tables are the design assignments for this studio, designed for small-run batch production. The tables are intended to be value-added primarily by design, rather than cost of labor, or cost of materials. They will be designed and built to be durable, sustainable, nomadic, and to include storage, and seating. After a quick two week exercise to design a table from 2 8′long 2×4′s, a second table is almost complete using 1 2×4 and a 2′x4′ sheet of 1/2″ fir plywood. After a mid term review, the final project will start using wood of each student’s choosing, the final table must double as storage or seating. A final review and exhibit will be open to the public on August 18.

Written by Jim Nicholls, Lecturer.

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