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An Announcement from David Miller, Chair

I am happy to announce that a team of our grad students and a team of designers led by Professor Gundula Proksch both won significant awards this weekend in the Living City Design Competition juried in Vancouver BC. This was a major international competition focusing on how cities might become communities that reach the goals of the Living Building criteria for sustainability.

The Competition Studio of students, Andy Brown, Rob Potish, Jonathan French and Ryan Heltzel-Drake taught by Affiliate Professor David Strauss, with the name Atelier G40 after the space in Arch Hall, won 2nd place!  Their scheme,  proposed a new vision for Bellingham. David was assisted by several of our faculty including Gundula, Rob Corser, Thaisa and Susan Jones, that gave significant reviews on multiple occasions. (note that the attached press release does not credit the UW and the students but this will be corrected). The team won a significant monetary prize for 2nd place.

The GU Team made up of Gundula Proksch, Josh Brevoort, Lisa Chun, Mac Lanphere (recent UW graduate), Lauren McCunney (recent UW graduate), & Cameron Hall, won the Images that Provoke Award.  The jury commented on how the submission “makes the viewer feel physically transformed into an imagined reality”.  This scheme is currently on exhibit in Gould 208.  They also won a nice monetary prize.

I have attached the draft press release with more detailed information on the competition and the stellar jury. Please congratulate our winners when you see them. We have a highly creative faculty and very talented students in the Department of Architecture.



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